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Resin Driveways

If you're looking for a driveway that is both beautiful and easy to maintain, then a resin driveway is what you are looking for. One of the best reasons to get a resin driveway is that they look amazing. The stone looks natural and comes in a variety of shapes, but will be laid in a way that will give your driveway a smooth finish. Resin is extremely easy to maintain, highly durable and very porous.

The Process

Unlike many other driveway contractors, at Road Link North East we dig a little deeper during construction, so we can reach clay level. This is the level at which you can build a house. We then build up the ground again using type 1 hardcore, before finishing it with some top material. The way we construct the resin makes it both durable and strong and will ensure that your driveway will last long into the future.

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Your resin driveway will:

  • Look amazing
  • Prevent weeds
  • Stop slippages
  • Not lose colour

If you need a driveway contractor in Newcastle, Sunderland and the North East, contact us at Road Link North East. 



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Tarmac Driveways

Tarmac is a a very resilient material, which is why it is used on roads around the world. Tarmac is resistant to all kinds of extreme weather, but is also relatively cheaper than block paving and resin, if you are working within a budget. If you desire a simple driveway that is functional and does the job, then tarmac may be what you are looking for. When your tarmac does get a little worn, repairs are very easy, and just a little bit of attention will transform your tarmac driveway.

The Process

Tarmac is installed in two layers. The base layer goes first, where it is spread and levelled throughout the property. A roller then compacts it before the top surface is added. We take great care when adding the final layer, which will give your driveway a smooth, beautiful finish.

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Your tarmac driveway will:


  • Be easy to maintain
  • Prevent weeds


If you are looking for a tarmac driveway contractor in Newcastle, Sunderland and the North East, get in touch with us at Road Link North East.




Block Paving

Our block paving driveways are made from concrete and clay and will add real beauty to your front garden. Block paving has a great aesthetic and will look great in almost all kinds of home. There is a range of styles and colours on the market to really match the appearance of your property. Environmentally friendly and durable, block paving is also low maintenance.

The Process

Although block paving looks stunning, many people avoid it because they're worried about weeds going through. However this is all down to the way the block paving is laid, and we can confidently say that weeds will not grow through our block paving driveways. We do this by offering a free sealing on all block paving that we  lay. If sealing is implement every 2 years, we can guarantee that no weeds will grow through your block paving.

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Your block paving driveway will:

  • Look stunning
  • Prevent weeds (so long as sealing is implemented every 2 years)

  • Be relatively easy to maintain




Repairs, Maintenance and Cleaning



As with most things, regular maintenance every few years will ensure that your driveway always looks great. As specialist driveway contractors we can also repair, maintain and clean your driveway. If your driveway looks worn or is in disrepair, then give us a call at Road Link North East, to arrange a free consultation. We're happy to go to all locations including Newcastle, Sunderland and Middlesbrough.



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