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Artificial Grass

Ultra realistic artificial grass is the go to option if you want a lawn that is low maintenance. Artificial grass is extremely versatile and can be laid almost anywhere but offers a number of advantages over regular grass. Artificial grass looks green and fresh throughout the year and you'll never have to worry about watering it again. You'll save on water bills and you won't have to use any pesticides.

The Process

Many people with artificial grass, would say that it has one drawback, and that is when dogs, cats and other animals go to the toilet on the lawn, liquids get trapped, and smells linger. We avoid this with our special construction process.

We dig all the way down to the stone/clay level, then fill this up with type 1 hardcore. We then lay grano dust on top. This will ensure that when we lay the artificial grass, it is 100% permeable. As a result, any rainfall or hosing will wash away all smells  and there is no retention. So your artificial grass will always look great and smell great.

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For artificial grass and driveway contractor services in Newcastle, Sunderland and the North East, please get in touch with us at Road Link North East. 


Resin, Tarmac and Block Paving

As driveway contractors with over 18 years of experience in the industry we can also lay resin, tarmac and block paving in your back garden.

Resin Patios

Our patios are laid using natural stones of various shapes and sizes, and covered in resin to give your patio a smooth, beautiful finish. Resin is very easy to maintain, porous and will prevent weeds from growing through. Find out more about how we lay resin on Driveways.

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Tarmac Patios

You may like a tarmac patio if you need a simple garden that is quick to install and simple to maintain. A great option if you are looking for a new back garden and want something more affordable. Find out more about how we lay tarmac on Driveways.

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Block Paving Patio

Our block paving is both beautiful and durable. We also add sealing to your block paving to ensure that weeds won't be able to grow. Our block paving is the perfect accompaniment to a lush, green garden. Find out more about how we lay block paving on Driveways.

 Are you in need of a patio and driveway contractor in Newcastle, Sunderland and the North East, then contact us at Road Link North East.

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Natural Stone Patios

If you are seeking a higher end patio, we also lay natural stone patios. Natural stone really is beautiful and offers an appearance that concrete cannot match. As the stone is natural, every piece of stone is unique and this gives your floor a unique character. Natural stone is extremely easy to maintain, and is also seriously durable. You'll find that natural stone will also last for many, many years.

The Process

All of the natural stone that we use is carefully refined and honed which ensures that there are no hard edges. Each piece of stone is completely smooth and polished, and will add serious value to your garden. 

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Repairs, Maintenance and Cleaning


Road Link North East also offer a repair, maintenance and cleaning service if your patio, artificial grass or natural stone paving requires some attention. Whatever your needs are, get in touch with us at Road Link North East, if you are looking for reliable patio and driveway contractors in Sunderland, Newcastle and the North East of England. 



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